Careers: Short-Term Research Consultant

Short-Term Research Consultant

Rebuild Local News is seeking a consultant for a short-term research project exploring nonpartisan public policy opportunities in Minnesota to support local journalism. 

Rebuild Local News is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to advance public policies to counter the collapse of local news, revitalize community journalism, and strengthen democracy. We run a coalition of 35 different national and state organizations representing 3,000 newsrooms, developing public policies at the national and local level to confront the democracy-threatening crisis facing local journalism. 

We believe that in addition to improved business models and increased philanthropy, public policy plays a crucial role in addressing this crisis. We aim to dramatically increase public support for local news through laws on the federal, state and local level that help support civically important news while protecting editorial independence.

The Minnesota Research Consultant will identify key opportunities to advance nonpartisan policies that support the financial sustainability of local news in the state of Minnesota, including but not limited to political feasibility of current proposals, opportunities for coalition building and existing policy frameworks that could be adapted to support local journalism. 


Primary responsibilities:

    • Produce a thorough report on the political and policy opportunities in Minnesota to advance elements of the Rebuild Local News policy portfolio
    • Conduct interviews and analyses with local news and public policy stakeholders in the state of Minnesota
    • Communicate routinely with Rebuild Local News on the progress of the report as well as preliminary findings


Core research questions: 

    • What pathways exist for advancing Rebuild Local News policy slate – or other bipartisan policies to support local journalism – in Minnesota? 
    • What resources, stakeholders, interests can be mobilized to advance policies that support local journalism in Minnesota? 
    • Which lawmakers – on both sides of the aisle – could be partners in advancing these policies?
    • Are there existing policy frameworks that could be adapted or scaled to support local journalism? 
    • Are there stakeholders from other sectors – such as small business, broadband development or the civic sector  – that could be mobilized?

Note: The questions are likely to evolve as the project progresses. Additional areas of research could also be added during the project.



    • A background or expertise in Minnesota policy or politics potentially including having worked in Minnesota politics, campaigns, research, academia or think tanks 
    • An awareness of political dynamics and players, as well as key legislative and regulatory issues in Minnesota 
    • A background in research, reporting or journalism is a plus
    • An awareness of the local journalism field in Minnesota is a plus  



The project will pay $15,000 for work over approximately three months. To apply, email your resume, and a cover letter (no more than two pages) to by May 15. Please also include a brief explanation of your interest in fortifying local journalism in Minnesota.