California's Historic Legislation to Support Local News Passes Senate

The State Legislature passed Sen. Steve Glazer’s SB1327 with a bipartisan 27-7 vote, which would create an employment subsidy, providing $500 million per year for local news.

New York’s Groundbreaking Initiative to Revitalize Local Journalism

New York State commits $90 million in employment tax credits to bolster community news organizations – the largest effort of its kind in the nation

The Great Gutting of US Newspapers


The number of articles in 121 newspapers that were studied has plummeted as the number of reporters has declined dramatically. Source: News Hole by Danny Hayes and Jennifer Lawless


How the government can help

Our policy menu offers nonpartisan initiatives that the government can pursue to help local news including government advertising set-asides, state journalism fellowship programs, and tax credits for small businesses to advertise with local news outlets, as well as for retaining and hiring local reporters.


How you can help

Are you concerned about the ongoing collapse of local news? If you, your publication, or your organization are interested in strengthening democracy and revitalizing community journalism, then consider becoming a member of the Rebuild Local News Coalition.

Who we represent

Our coalition includes news media organizations, press associations, publishers, labor unions, foundations, civic groups and more.

Rebuilding local news will require a massive effort that must include a significant increase in philanthropic support, loads of innovation in the news business – and, yes, some help from the government.

Steve Waldman
Founder | Rebuild Local News