A Letter to Pelosi from the National Association of Hispanic Publishers

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

As representatives of more than 80 Latino newspapers, magazines, and websites, we urge you to pass the Local Journalism Sustainability Act as soon as possible.

Local news is in a deep crisis. The number of reporters has dropped by 60% since 2000. Thousands of communities have no local reporting; thousands more have barely anything. And the problems are even worse in lower income communities.

In Latino communities, we are witnessing the dire consequences. Purveyors of misinformation have targeted our residents, flooding us with dangerously wrong information about COVID, elections and other matters. Families do not have the information they need to make decisions for themselves, and communities do not have the accountability reporting that can help them solve their own problems. The only way to fight this bad information is with good information, through trustworthy, local journalism like that provided by our publications.

For decades and in some cases centuries, our publications — and those serving other ethnic communities — have played a crucial role in informing the nation in an accurate and fair manner about the lives of Americans whose stories were not being told in so-called mainstream publications. But these publications are struggling — and it would be a tragedy of historical proportions if, having survived so many obstacles, they were done in by the digital revolution or short-sighted public policies.

We strongly support the Local Journalism Sustainability Act — in part because of its bottom-up approach. Rather than relying only on a government agency to dispense grants — an approach that has not always produced equitable results — it empowers not only publishers but consumers and small businesses to support the media that best serve their needs.

With this kind of approach, communities of color can rejuvenate local news.

Signed, Board of Directors, National Association of Hispanic Publications

The News Organization represented by our organizations include:

7 Siete Dias


ADN Cuba

Al Día

Al Día en América

Alegria Bilingual Magazine Alianza Metropolitan News

America Digital

Beyond Borders Gazette Celebrando Latinas Magazine

Diario Las Americas

El Aviso Magazine

El Clasificado

El Comercio de Colorado El Diario

El Especialito Newspapers El Informador

El Latino

El Mundo

El Mundo

El Nuevo Georgia

El Perico

El Periódico USA

El Planeta Boston

El Popular Bakersfield

El Reportero

El Restaurante Magazine El Sol Latino Newspaper El Sol Latino Newspaper El Tiempo Las Vegas

El Tiempo Latino


EV Houston Newspaper Excélsior Condado de Orange

Excélsior Los Angeles Hola News – Charlotte Hola News – Jacksonville Hola News – Triad

Hoy en Delaware

Impacto Latin News, Inc. Jambalaya News

La Conexión

La Gaceta

La Mega Nota – Cincinnati La Mega Nota – Cleveland

La Mega Nota – Columbus La Mega Nota – Pittsburgh

La Noticia – Asheville

La Noticia – Charlotte

La Noticia – Greensboro La Noticia – Raleigh

La Oferta

La Opinión

La Prensa

La Prensa

La Prensa Latina

La Prensa Riverside

La Raza Newspaper

La Semana

La Voz Bilingüe

La Voz de Arizona Latino Lubbock Magazine Latino Times

Life Affairs

Movida Magazine Negocios Now

Para Todos

Prensa Arizona

Qué Onda

Recetas Para La Vida Reflejos


Vida en el Valle Fresno Vida Nueva